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Jeries was born in Tarshiha / Galilia in Palastin on Suterday  the 15th. of Febrauery 1914 at 3.05 O´clock a.m. and was rigested on the next day. He  was buptised in the St. Elias Church in Fassuta by the father Philipp Zubaity on the 18th. of  Mars 1915 and his good father was Habib Nofal from Tebnin / Libanon. Jeries has married to Hanne daughter of Michael Habib Farhat from Tebnin/Libanon in Haifa on Sunday the 16th. of 1943 at 6 O´clock p.m. in the St. Elias churche in Haifa. Hanne died in Libanon on 15th. of Feb 1952.

He married again to “another”  Hanne daughter of Michael Shehade from Kufer Yasif 1957 by father Basilius Laham in the St. Elias chirch in Isifia. Jeries  died on thr 22th. of April in 1985 and was barried in the graveyard of Isifia by clan Haloun.

Hanne still lives in Haifa. They have got four children:

Malik was born in 1957 and died 1972

Marwan alias Marvin Sami was born 1959, is married and has two children. He lives with his family in Germany.

Mahe was born 1960, married to Walid Halloun and has four children and still lives with her family in Isifia

Sahar was born 1964, married to Karam Abu Shkara and lives in Haifa. She has four children

I am Marwan MIGESEL, Germany! E-mail: clan@migesel.deTelefon: +49 7472 442401! Telefax: +49 7472 442404! Mobile: +49 151 2339 17 39; Facebook: Marvin Migesel,    Skype: marwan.migesel