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Joseph ben Malik was born in Tarshiha on Monday the 12th. of January 1925 at seven O`Clock a.m. and died on Monday the 5th of Mars 2001in Haifa. He was  buptised in Akko on the 12th. of Mars in 1926. His good father was Khalil Khury from Enibel/Libanon.

He married on Suday the 26th. of Mars in 1953 to Salua daughter of George Mheshem from Haifa in the St. Elias churche in Haifa by three priests: Father Fakhury, Father Mithry and Father George Nufi.

Josef and Salua were devorsed in 1955.

He married again to Salma daughter of Miziíl Rahal from Toraán. The wedding were in Toraán on Sunday the 28th. of Mars in 1957 by Father Joseph.

Joseph & Salma have got 6 children:

Malake was born on the 31th. of  Mars 1959 at 7 O´clock a.m. in Haifa. (married and has two children - Hanaá and Rida)

Elias Alis Eliaho was born on Wendsday the 13th. of July in 1960 at 5 O´clock a.m. in Haifa. (Elias is married to Ilham from Isifia and they have 4 children - Mervat, Joseph, Salma und Mona).

Marcele was born on the 231th. of  Nov. 1961 at 10 O´clock a.m. in Haifa.(married to Naiem maroon from Isifia an they have 6 children)

Walid was born on the 281th. of  Mars. 1965  in Haifa.(married to Janet and has 4 children, Amir, Rima, Elie and Rami)

Emil was born on the 161th. of  July. 1972  in Haifa at 6 O´clock p.m. (is going to marry in November 2000)

Lina was born on the  29th. of Sep. 1973  in Haifa. (married and has two chikdren - Nadia and Khalil)

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