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Our words to the Disaster of NYC from the 11th. of Sep. 2001
 All of our relatives have not , in any way, been harmed by this event.
Our  hearts go out to all of the people who have been affected by the  destruction, our kindness to the people who have volunteered to aid and  the ones  who need help the most. I have no doubts in my mind and heart, the people  responsible will have to pay for this. Our hearts are full of sorrow for the  victims , they are the ones whose lives have been cut short, their  families, their friends. yet,  somehow i feel that the world will be made  better. We have to stop all the killings, the destruction, the waste of  human intellegence. We have to do this or cease to exist.            

Charlie Mogaizel / USA


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The Clan Tree of USA

Abdullah son of Joseph und Mariam (Turky) Mogayzel -the grand father of Mogayzel in the USA- according to the Information I have got, he was born in Nufakhia Village in southern Lebanon in 1870 by Sur (Tyre). In 1898 he married to Nasra Bolice, born 1881. They got thier first son Simon In 1899 and in 1900 the second son George.

In 1901 he emigrated to the States for searching for a better life for his family and to get awya from the bad treatment and hard laws of the Sultan of Turky, who ruled the whole middle east in that time. In 1907 he came back to Lebanon for a visit while waiting for his american citizenship papers. After he got the american citizenship he returned back in 1909 to Lebanon and broght his family to the USA. And here they got the rest of thier children.

Fadlalla (alias Frank) Mokisel (Mogayzel) son of Basila Mokisel & Jallily Rahal, was born about 1882 in Nafacy in Syria and emigrated to the USA in 1901 too. He married 1923 in Rohde Island to Edna Deep. They moved later on to South Norwalk, Connenticut and got there two daughters, Rose and Ida (The only living relative of the Mokisel in the USA). Both Fadllalah and Abdullah came to the same town in the USA in the same year but it is not known if they traveled together. It is known that Fadllalh when he was still alive, he had kept in contact to his relatives in Tyre (SUR) in Lebanon.

for more information contact please:

Charlie Mogayzel Sen. &/or Jr. in USA or

Today are living in the USA something about 100 Mogayzels like following:

A.1. Abdullah+ & Nasra (Bolice) Mogaizel+

B1. 1.1. Simon + & Abby (Kalify) Mogaizel+

    C1. 1.1.1. William & Else (Viera) Mogayzel

      D1. William Jr. Mogayzel

      D2. Bruce Mogayzel

      D3. Susan Mogayzel+

      D4. Jane Mogayzel

      D5. Mark Mogayzel

      D6. Lynn Mogayzel

    C2. 1.1.2. Sally (Mogaizel) & Francis McConagy+

      D7. Terry

      D8. Francis Jr.

    C3. 1.1.3. Barbara (Mogayzel) & William McKinny+

      D9. William Jr.

    C4. 1.1.4. Julia (Mogayzel) & Edmond Cardoza+

      D10. Christine & Russel Davis

      D11. David & Toni Moritz

      D12. Barbara & David D`Arozzo

    C5. 1.1.5. Charles K. & Jeanette (Bulduc) Mogayzel

      D13. Charles Jr. & Josefina (Alberva) Mogayzel

        E1. Rose (Mogayzel) & Charles Purvis

          F1. Kevin

          F2. Holly Michelle

        E2. Daisy (Mogayzel) & Westly Herrara

          F3. Kevin

        E3. Charles Mogayzel

        E4. Jennifer Mogayzel

          F4. Jennifer Mogayzel

      D14. David & Diane (Callager) Mogayzel

        E5. Ashly Mogayzel

      D15. James & Ira (Machado) Mogayzel

        E6. Michael Mogayzel

        E7. Alycia Mogayzel

      D16. Diana (Mogayzel) & Steve Stricklett

        E8. Eric

        E9. Stephan

    C6. 1.1.6. John+ & Nancy (Olson) Mogayzel+

      D17. Karen (Mogayzel) & __________

      D18. John & _______ Mogayzel

        E10. ________

        E11. ________

      D19. Andrew+ & Katherine Mogayzel

        E12. Zackery Mogayzel+

        E13. Charles Joseph Mogayzel

        E14. Bradly Camden Mogayzel

B2. 1.2. George Mogayzel+

B3. 1.3. Julia Mogayzel+

B4. 1.4. Peter Mogayzel+

B5. 1.5. Joseph Mogayzel+

B6. 1.6. Anthony & Janyne (Dragon) Mogayzel

    C7. 1.6.1. Rose Mogayzel

    C8. 1.6.2. Ida (Zainay)+

B7. 1.7. Alian Mogayzel+

B8. 1.8. (twin to Alian) & _______

B9. 1.9. Peter & Ida (Scott) Mogayzel

    C9. 1.9.1. Peter Jr. & Cyndra (Rense) Mogayzel

      D20. Elizabeth Mogayzel

B10. 1.10. Elias Mogayzel+

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